Hype to output pure CSS3 in addition to JS

Something to consider for future versions of Hype it doesn’t have to be version 4 or 4.5 but 5?
People mayve asked before but wouldn’t it be cool if Hype could output pure css3 as an added option? Of course it would be limited to what one can achieve with css3 as it’s not as broad as JS and I know Hype uses different JS libraries for certain things but if a user wanted to solely output pure css3.

Why just look at this, pure css3 and it looks amazing

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Thanks for the feedback!

Hype prioritizes boosting creative capabilities, which is why we have our own JavaScript runtime that is tightly tied to the Hype application. Outputting more "standard"HTML/CSS3 animation files could definitely be useful in a lot of cases, but you are correct it would be horribly limited because the CSS3 spec doesn’t allow for much. We also can’t deal with browser differences dynamically. I’ve kicked around the idea and mainly am still trying to figure out the best way to reflect these differences from the editor’s UI perspective.

I know what would work for me personally subjectively speaking you can agree or disagree with me and that is, If you have mode selection between the two css3 or hype default next to the preview drop down all the way on the top tools panel. Alternatively, when opening Hype it can ask a user what is their preference when it comes to output and animation.

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Given the two I lean slightly towards a solution where it is just a preview/export option. The issue here is the user might have used features that they don’t want for the target output style since everything is available. But perhaps the option could be clear like “Export Limited Current Scene and Main Timeline as CSS3” so that there’s some ahead-of-time indication. And then if there are other features like timeline actions used it could warn at export a la the browser support.

I’m not a fan of lots of choices when opening the document. Flash had this, and I always felt like I’d be boxed in by my choices. Further, it would seem “CSS3” might be the standard choice, so users could be using a very limited version of Hype without really knowing there’s so much more!

Those are just my “developer notebook” thoughts - sometimes things need to stir around a bit or new features come out that help bridge the issues.

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