Hype Reflect App on iOS 12


I’ve been using the Hype Reflect app on my iPhone 7 for a while now, it has been working smooth when on iOS 11.3. However as I have upgraded to the latest iOS 12 now whenever I will open the app it is simply crashing on the start up. Any help guys?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the report. This is the first case we’ve gotten of Reflect not working with iOS 12 (and it works for us), so there might be something unique to your situation. Some questions:

  • If you quit Hype on the Mac, does it still crash?
  • When you say “on start up” is this immediately or do you see any screen/animation before it crashes?
  • If you restart your phone does it still crash?
  • Do you have any non-standard settings that might affect the app like screen zooming, accessibility options, or profiles installed?
  • If you delete the app and reinstall from the App Store, does it still crash? (please try this last)


(Ken Heins) #3

For me, Reflect has always been a maybe works, maybe not thing.

I will try the delete and reinstall idea.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Crashing or not connecting? It sounds like the original reporter hit a crashing issue specifically as an iOS 12 regression.

(There’s unfortunately historically a lot of network conditions that can make Reflect not connect to the app.)

(Ken Heins) #5

Yes, VERY possible and likely