Hype Pro with Mac OS 10.9.5

I know I’m old school, but it is what it is. After reading about my HTML widget in regards to my live Twitter feed, I came across this awesome one page template! I wanted to use it for a re-design of my site to make it dynamic for a better viewing experience. When I went to save it, it said I had to have the Pro Hype version! Bummer!
I am not willing to go past my current OS of 10.9.5 or I will loose too much software that I can’t even purchased anymore, so I have two questions. Are there any templates like this for my older version or Hype 3 or is there a way to purchase Hype Pro that will run on my OS? I’m OK with purchasing the update, but it says it won’t run. I know some companies are willing to help us old school folks, Steven Slate Digital made me a special package just so I could get the latest updates from them! Not asking, just saying that was unreal they did that for me! I love this program, it does so much and if there is a way to do this, it would be awesome as I’m trying to make my site more pro looking as my fan base continues to grow! Thanks everyone for your continued support when I ask questions!

I don’t understand the question. The Hype 4 requirement says 10.8.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 1.06.30 PM

Also, while not final, it’s very likely a modified version of this… https://photics.com/hype-book/ …will be available as a template.

It likely had responsive layouts or some pro feature? The document likely doesn’t require Hype 4 Pro, Just the Hype 3 Pro upgrade (which supports 10.9.5). Whether you’re on the Tumult or Mac App store version of Hype 3 Standard, you are still able to get the upgrade for your OS version.

Templates like what? Happy to help you get this squared away.

Wow, this one took up my morning… It turns out there was a bug in Xcode that would overwrite the minimum OS version we set of 10.10 and changed it to 10.8! This only affects Hype 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 which were built with the buggy Xcode. They may launch but there are likely to be incompatibilities and we unfortunately cannot support v4 on 10.8-10.9. Hype v4.0.4’s macOS 10.10+ requirement will again be enforced by the OS.

So to clarify official support:

  • Hype v4 requires macOS 10.10 or later.

  • Hype v3 (including the latest v3.6.10) will work on macOS 10.8 or later, and can still be purchased In-App with the direct download (aka Tumult Store) version of Hype. All previous versions, along with their OS requirements, can be found here:


Do you have any idea what this does to my afternoon?
(Not much actually. I had to look up the name for 10.10. HA HA.)

…but that’s the first page of actual real content. HEH, so it was nice to catch it beforehand. That’s why I was so confused. I’m like… it says 10.8 :smile:

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I’ve tried to install it and it wouldn’t work. The way I did was in the help menu where it says updates, I did that, downloaded the version it showed and when I ran the installer, it said not compatible. So looking again at this thread, I can not run Hype 4 on 10.9.5 correct? Let me show you the template I’d like to use. https://www.hypedocks.com/responsive-onepage/

What I love about this is having it look great on both desktop and phone!

Tumult Hype 3 is what you want to use on your system.

Correct. You can run Tumult Hype 3 though just fine.

If you download the Responsive OnePage document from Hypedocks and open it with Hype 3 Pro, it works just fine. Templates are a Hype Pro feature. I’m not completely clear what version you have but I think it is Hype 3 Standard?

If you open that project in Hype 3 standard, it says “… uses features that are only available in Hype Professional”. All you would need to do is select the Hype Menu, and click “Upgrade to Hype Professional” to use it since it uses Responsive Layouts, a Hype 3 Pro feature.

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Done! Just purchased it, opened the document and did a quick edit and saved it! I’m on my way! I’ve been with Hype since the beginning and your support has never changed! I admire that because I’m sure you are way bigger now than in the early days of Hype! This is a great product and a great forum to be a part of! Very excited about my new version. Let’s hope I can build some great looking pages!


Great - thanks purchasing and being with us for so long! :smiley: Enjoy the new version!

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I’m like on a high right now with this new software! It’s like I’ve been to the future! I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the possibilities. What can I read to help me better understand the Flexible layout? I started a test iPhone for my new site and basically I made the layout 320 x 3500 so you can just scroll down forever, I’m sure it will get even longer. Looking awesome in portrait, but when I flip to landscape, I have this huge space between what I want to be my next page. Reading everything here and not seeing anything on this kind of issue. I’m sure I"m doing something wrong or not understanding. Let me post so you can see what I’m talking about. Just look at the iPhone layout, the others are just things I threw over this awesome template someone made. https://donjohnsmusic.com/Test-One-Page.html

Glad to hear that!

Hype’s flexible layout system is geared towards resizing/repositioning individual elements, so there’s not any way for the sizing on one element to affect that of another. In this regard it probably isn’t the greatest program for the document as a whole. The two workarounds in Hype would be to use “zoom contents” scaling of a group to scale everything together, and/or to produce a large number of Responsive Layouts that can better change positioning on width-based breakpoints.

I really liked this thread. @Hyperspace17 is actually my hero because he is trying to fight the built in planned obsolescence. I am not talking about Hype 4 + Pro (awesome update) but rather about technology in general. I am still hanging on to my iPhone 6s Plus and my MacBook Pro 2014. Both perfectly fine devices and soon I will have to face the music of being forced into hardware upgrades when Apple drop support for them. We will see how I will hold up or not. For me it’s Adobe CC, latest Hype and a couple of iPhone apps that determines this. Luckily most tooling and Terminal stuff isn’t that high maintenance. Then there is the aspect of great tools that have been discontinued and are not compatible with the latest OS or need new licenses or have switched to recurring fee for very basic tasks that already have been tooled to perfection. Regards


My biggest reason is Final Cut Pro 7! In my opinion this was the last great editing software package from Apple. I tried so hard to like the newer version of FCP, but it just fails on so many levels. I know FCP 7 is a dinosaur, but as an editor since film, it’s the best out there. I’m sure at some point, I will have to move away from Apple or get a new computer, but until then, I will push on! I’m loving this Hype Pro, it’s the bomb! It’s got me not sleeping though thinking about new possibilities!

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