Hype Pro Responsive Layout Question


I had to revisit this topic again as my last post was marked as spam and I just found out that I had wrote the post in caps and it was misinterpreted as yelling. So let me start over so I can try to resolve this. I read all posts on doing this as well as tutorials but cant seem to get this right. So I will try to re explain what I’m trying to do and hopefully I can get some help.

Ok I have a file built in Hype 3. it works fine but I need the file ( which is a header to be responsive. Please keep in mind that this file has many layers and I have tried to use the pinning but that only works on certain layers, I need the ENTIRE stage to be able to be made smaller.

The file is 1160 x 230 pixels and I was given a scaling element template but this will only work on certain layers not the entire file so I’m back to where I started.

I even upgraded to Hype Pro figuring the new layouts section would help me and it does not. If I can have someone very simply layout the code for me to lace in the header and html of the document where I would have NO whitespace and the file will be able to be made smaller by taking the browser window and making that smaller. I believe I should be concentrating on the scaling behavior but no matter which pins I use I cannot get this to work right

I have the .zip file in the attached and need to have this done so ANY help is appreciated!

There are TWO zip files One is the Hype Pro.hype doc and the second is the .html and all resources.

.Deer6_16X.zip (2.9 MB)
Deer_6_16X.hype.zip (2.8 MB)