Hype Pro Doc in Wordpress 4.3.1

I’ve read the posts here about embedding a Hype scene in a Wordpress post, but so far, I’m having n luck.

For a while I was getting:

The XSS Auditor refused to execute a script in ‘http://dragonflyiot.com/’ because its source code was found within the request. The auditor was enabled as the server sent neither an ‘X-XSS-Protection’ nor ‘Content-Security-Policy’ header.

But now … no errors, just no content!

Any ideas?

Ok, so partially solved … But I am worried that there is not a true fix for this.

Reading some other posts I came across a mention that if the Wordpress theme is responsive to only set the layout to scale by width, bot my height and width.

Changing this setting does indeed make the Hype document begin to show up in the Wordpress page. The problem is that, with only width scaling enabled, it looks awful. http://dragonflyiot.com/ is the site.

It looks awful because the Hype Layout is 1200px high, but Wordpress can’t seem to del with that and re-draws the footer across the middle of the animation.

If I turn Height scaling back on, the animation won’t display at all.

Is there any hope??