Hype on iPad (second device)


Hello guys,

I have a few questions :slight_smile: I’ll keep it short :wink:

want to download Hype3 (already using Hype2 since summer 2013)
will not do the same mistake as I did before, i.e. will get it from the website and not from the AppStore, because I also want to create webpages on my iPad, so;

? can I use Hype on iPad as on iMac, if yes, how to download? could not make it :-/ (a Zip file won’t open,right?)
? if I am downloading through AppStore, will not get any license number etc., right? (that’s what I did before for iMac and got no license number, to use on my second device, i.e. iPad)

in brief; will not pay for every device, since I do not have to. (thank u) However, have no idea how to download on iPad …

looking fwd to hear from u guys, thanx a lot :smile:


(Mark Hunte) #2

Hype does not run on iOS. So you will not be able to use it on the iPad to create web pages.

The only think you can do is use Tumults app for iOS Hype Reflect. Which allows you to send previews directly to the iOS device instead of a web browser on your Mac.


Thank you Mark :smile: