Hype OAM not loading on LMS


I love Hype and did a bunch of interactive graphics for this course I did in Captivate 9. Problem is, they view fine when I have them local, but when I upload them to an LMS they don’t show up. I did a test with a Adobe Animate OAM and that one worked just fine. Is there a setting or something that I’m missing? Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe I need to ask the LMS (Adobe Prime) for support but since the other OAM showed up, I figured I’d ask the Hype community first.

Any advise on where to go from here would be appreciated!

I haven’t heard anything specific. Feel free to send a zip of your .hype document to support@tumult.com and if you can a working OAM from Animate to help us identify if there are any general differences.