Hype not showing On Scene Load

I have an existing app that I am trying to add the On Scene Load event.

It is not showing this event.
It shows On Layout Load.
When I click on inspector - Scene it shows layout Size (Under SCENE)

If I create a new app I see On Scene Load event but no On Layout Load event.

It doesn’t change if I click on the scene or layout.

Am I doing something dumb here ?


Steve Warby

I have not played with layouts too much but I think once you change to layouts then each layout has it’s own set of actions.

You can set all your actions before you change to layouts, the actions will carry across.

But some of them like Timeline actions when originally on one that is not main will come up as none.?
Javascript actions seem to follow through ok.

Seems a bit inconsistent to me. It would be better that if you do the above then the timeline should be the same.

Having it go to none seems like an oversight to me though rather than a bug.

As per the documentation:

When you create a new layout Hype will copy all elements, animations, and timelines from one of your existing layouts which best matches the new breakpoint you created.

Other than that there’s not much else there :slight_smile: