Hype HTML file not performing correctly when Live

Hi Guys,

Having some weird issue here: my Hype file is displaying correctly from the preview mode and when I doubleclick the exported HTML file, but the live uploaded version (through Bluehost) of the same HTML file is not displaying some fonts and images correctly in any browser.

Here is the live link: wwww.nogreatergood.com (fonts not loaded and header icon not displaying)

And here is the Hype file: https://we.tl/xT3iMSmOh7 (Correct fonts and header image displayed)

Any thoughts on why this is?

I’m seeing these console errors when viewing your site:

Can you double check that those files are uploaded?

The ‘permission denied’ 403 error (for files like this:
http://nogreatergood.com/NoGG.hyperesources/PlayfairDisplay-Black.ttf ) sometimes has to do with file permissions set by your FTP client. You would want something like 644 for your file. Here’s how it would look in Transmit if you selected your file then ctrl + clicked and selected ‘Info’:


I doublechecked that the files were there and also noticed the console errors. I got in touch with the Bluehost support team and sorted the issue - which was entirely on their end, and nothing to do with Hype.

Thanks for your help and the prompt response! You guys are always killing it on the forums.

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Oh and don’t worry about pixel.gif being blocked from Paypal. That’s likely Privacy Badger doing its thang.