HYPE FRIDAY –– A Book About Hype –– 20% OFF! 🦃

So, I was looking at my Photics.com traffic report. Apparently, hundreds of people visited my site this month – just to find Turkey / Thanksgiving emoji. That turkey page was more popular than my Hype book page. I wasn’t too disappointed about this, as the turkey page had a 96% bounce rate. They’d see the page and then they leave. The Hype book page was more effective. Not everyone buys the book, but a lot of people do. I even saw some great quotes…

The missing book ★★★★★
by Schutz - Jul 15, 2016

Hype focus on HTML5 which impose a huge learning curve. This book ease the process and then rises the magic. I think this is a must have document.

As I’m looking at the stats, I’m kinda bored. Black Friday sales are starting, but I’m not running out to buy a new TV or something like that. Then I was like, “Hey! I can throw a sale of my own.”

So, for the rest of today and Black Friday, A Book About Hype is 20% Off*

Yes there is an asterisk.

*You have to order the book through FastSpring (NOT iTunes) and use the coupon code hypefriday to get the $3 discount. It should look something like this…

So, if you’re interested in A Book About Hype, here’s the link…

…and if you’re interested in the turkey page, here’s the link…


I was wondering if there will be an update from A book about Hype for the new version Hype 4?

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Wow, how did you find this thread? :smile:

The creation of “A Book About Hype 4” is currently ranked as “Highly Likely”. I’m just working on Widgets first.

I’ve been collecting email addresses at Photics.com, for those that want to be notified when the new book is available. I’m thinking the book could be a winter launch… unless it looks like Hype 4.5 is close to launch, then I’d likely sync the launch of the book to match the launch of the update.

More info here… https://photics.com/radio-silence/

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