Hype forget the app-window size


How can I teach hype not to change the last window size of in the next time when i start the program?
Whenever I launch hype the window is again as small as in the last start.



Yep, hype needs to remember how a user interacts with the window based on last open as well as save workspaces.

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Maybe it’s a little something that might notice the developers at the next update.

You can create a template and open that on first start, no?

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That sounds like an option, but it’s not a real solution.


Agreed with Rico. In todays world apps need to emulate other apps for workflow sake and competitiveness. These workarounds or band aides as I like to call them is no help on a broader scale and it leaves an impression that the app is incomplete or lacks some basic rudimentary functionalities that other apps had for a while and that we as users inherited and made it part of our daily workflow.

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The issue really I think is that Hype is document based.

So if you open a doc from someone else or have many docs open and some different sizes.

The task is to know which one should be the next default size. Which I would avoid trying to do which I think may be the case of why we have what we have.

But a better solution would be to have an option to save any open Docs size/position as a default.

This would then be the default for any new Doc window.
You could also have a menu item to set the current window to the default size.

And you could also not only have the save default option but save as a named size, so you could then change your default to a named one and also be able to switch at will to other set sizes.

I know this works because I use the app Media Pro that does this. It is a Document based app and it works very, very well as described.

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