Hype file info - foreign characters

I happened to look at the get info box for my Hype file and it had what looks to be Chinese characters for the kind attribute next to the name Hype. I did a virus check to make sure (I have no viruses). Is this normal? I’ve attached a screenshot.


The Chinese characters mean “document” so that checks out. I don’t see this myself, but I notice in looking at how we localize Hype that this could be a minor bug on our end. I’ve made a change to address it, but to verify my fix it would be nice to know:

  • What version of macOS are you running
  • What language is your system set to?
  • Do you have any older versions of Hype on your system?


Thanks for checking into that Jonathan.

I’m running the very latest version of MacOS 10.15.4
Language is set to English
I still have Hype 3 but it hasn’t been launched in a really long time. Although the file was created with Hype 3.

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Thanks! It is bizarre but I think my fix for the next release will solve it.