Hype export that expires

Is there any way to create a package that when given to the user expires after a given period, requiring the user to pay a subscription to receive an unlock code or script? Basically want a way that I can stop the product working until the re subscribe.

Create a package of what?

Package being hype export sorry

Others may know better, Not from Hype.

off the top of my head…

You possibly could use some code to phone home to access something on your server. But even if you could do that once the html is in the browser it is open for someone to see and copy this includes the hype js files.

So I cannot see a clear way to do this.

Saying that I know others may have plans to try and do similar with templates. But how I do not know…

Hi Michael et al!

Just throwing this idea out there - have never worked with it myself.

What about using local storage with the expiry date stored & encoded with a simple hash algorithm?

The general assumption with this approach is that you’ve created a barrier that your average subscriber is not going to bother to try to breach.