Hype don't love me anymore

I am a long term user of Hype (Pro). A few days ago I tried to install the new 4.0 version and should be able to use the upgrade with 30% discount. However, Hype doesn’t see me as a long term user. And no-one replies to my emails (4)
I’m so sad…
Anyone :wink:

can this be useful?

Tried all of the above. Problem is that I seem to be lost as a ( long term ) user. So recovering my password is not available. So even my version 3.6 Pro is no longer working…

I’m sure Tumult guys will fix it so be patience, they are busy with tons of requestes for the UPG

Your email was marked as Spam and I’m not sure why… I’ve replied. Apologies! We love you.

Hi Daniel,
Yes, I do know that you do love me .
I’m sure it will be solved.