Hype Document's Function Tab Navigation bar, resize tab width on focus

(Mark Hunte) #1

In Hype 2.x when you had a lot of function Tabs open in the Function Tab Navigation bar of the document, each tab would expand its width when you hovered the mouse over it enabling you to read the name.

In Hype 3.x this does not happen. The tabs get smaller and smaller but do not expand.

They stay as shown here.

This makes it difficult to use the Tabs navigation where as in v2.x the hover expanding Tab names solved the problem.

Can we have this back please.

The joy of many functions
(Mark Hunte) #2

Hi @Daniel,

Is this actually a bug?


I don’t think this behavior was changed by us – I bet this behavior changed during an OS upgrade. We can probably do something about it so I’ll add a bug to our tracker.

(Mark Hunte) #4

Many thanks thanks for that.