Hype Document size increases when published?

(Paul ) #1

Hi, I have a weird issue I have not seen before in hype. I am building a site and the page width is 1360px. As I have been testing the build its all been normal and when I preview it and looks fine. But now I have published the page its grown to 1633px wide!

You can see the page at - http://perfectstorm.co.uk/ps/contact.html

I am baffled to why its doing this? Anyone got any ideas? You can see the source file at -


There is a bit of javascript controlling the sticky nav that keeps it top left when scrolling but other than that and some CSS to skew the nav boxes its all pretty standard.

Probably not best practise to ask two questions in a post! but also… the nav buttons work fine, that is until I lay the text on top of them then the click area is compromised by the copy. Is there anyway of stopping the text which is on a layer above affecting the buttons below?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Mark Hunte) #2

Where are you seeing that size. It looks ok to me. Even when I change the res of my MBPr from more space to Default.

I did get a report or a larger size in the Element inspectors’s sidebar a couple of times when I changed res. But it still looked fine and reported the correct size in the html. A reload fixed the sidebar reporting a lager size.

(Paul ) #3

ok first question is answered by the biggest doh!! in history!! page zoom was not set at default!! Arrrgghhhh feel like such an idiot :blush:

Second question has now been answered by the excellent 3.5 update today! The new “ignore all pointer events” has sorted that nicely :smile:

So all great and back on with the build!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Glad that checkbox is getting use already! It was one of those features we had been wanting to add for a while :smile:.