Hype div into Muse

(Leo) #1

Im having trouble embedding my hype project into Muse, I’m hoping the enter view port/ exit view port actions will work if inserted in a div container. but my code isn’t working.

Heres an example file that I’m testing embedding with: www.leojospeh.net/diagram.html

html muse code:

div id="diagram_hype_container" style="margin:auto;position:relative;width:100%;height:100%;overflow:hidden;" aria-live="polite">
cript type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="https://hyperesources/diagram_hype_generated_script.js?26197"></script>

Any thoughts on how I can get this to work?


A couple of errors first and foremost :slight_smile:

Above, there is a spelling mistake in your URL (loejospeh). Also, the code you are posting, the src attribute’s value is not right. That’s not a valid URL. Another thing is that your document is 100% width 100% height, flexible which means there is a possibility that the embed may not show up unless wrapped in a div with definitive values. i.e 400px by 300px.

Unfortunately, as we can’t see the code in use within a Muse project then we wouldn’t know what’s wrong. Therefore, not being able to offer any solutions.