Hype crashes on some mobile phones

I have an iPhone 10 and 8 and our website works fine. But we are getting complaints from users who are saying on their phone the site crashes.

Our website is http://www.electricart.co.nz

Someone said they had experienced this on a previous post last September, but no fix was mentioned.

Can you get some more information about what phones are crashing?

There’s a lot going on on the page besides the Hype documents. If you can reproduce the issue and ID the phone let me know.

Getting this to crash for yourself on a test page, and then removing the Hype element will ensure that Hype is the culprit here.

Thanks for you reply.

OK we have created a URL that strips out all the content on the page so that the only file that is included is our HYPE document.


This link works fine on my iPhone 11 running iOS 13.3…

But it does not work on iPhone XS running iOS 13.3 & iPhone 8Plus (plus a range of other models).

Basically you load the page and then just wait for 10 - 30 seconds and the page will disappear and say an error occurred.

Can you send your Hype document to support@tumult.com? Or send me a private message.

Yip I’ve sent you a download link for all the files :slight_smile: