Hype as a Prototyping tool

(furmie) #1

Just curious for others’ opinions… does anyone use Hype as a hi-fidelity prototyping tool? I mean not for the end result necessarily, but for sharing with clients? As a relatively new user I’m starting to see that I could use it exclusively instead of sketch or invision studio… would I be missing anything if I used Hype only?


Only the added help with UI components and a few other things. Things to help visualise platform specific look and feel. With Hype you would have to make those things / import in as images.

The being said though, I think Hype would work fine as a prototyping tool IMHO.

(Pete) #3

Used it once or twice, it wasn’t really made for modern prototypers in mind but that’s not to say you can’t accomplish projects it just doesn’t do what others apps do when it comes to u/x design. What I suggested to tumult to have custom workspaces in future iterations to have artboards and borrow some key funtionality from say Adobe xd, sketch specially the auto animate in between artboards. Although you do have an import options of prototyping your project in other apps and bring it to Hype for further editing and animation.


Darn-tootin. I do all my prototyping with Hype. For my needs, abilities, and situations, it blows the other tools away. Your mileage may vary. However, your question should be qualified, in that I use Sketch to import into Hype. Unlike Sketch, you can simply re-save over your assets on disk and Hype will automatically reload them (would love if Sketch did that, alas)

(furmie) #5

hey thanks for your feedback everyone… I really think this would be a great prototyping tool mainly because of the animation function between each frame or section. One thing I am trying to figure out is if you can find the distance in pixels between each object or page borders. I mean by hitting the Alt/Option key or something while selecting an object and hovering over whatever you want to measure the distance of. I tried different keys… is this function available?


(Loves Hype) #6

I am not sure if Hype can go against the force that Adobe XD currently is unleashing. It gets better by the month (for prototyping)! Specially as it’s currently free to use (https://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html). But what would be really neat and fill a void is exporting art boards to Hype scenes to actually create, animate and program the final HTML5 app in the end!