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Hi Hype Experts,

I am relatively new to the Hype experience. I am loving it and learning quick quickly, but I have some questions that someone might be able to answer.

  1. Does anyone know of a way to track “interactions” within the hype animations. For example if I have two identical videos with the only difference being one has interactions (hotspots etc) and the other one doesn’t. Is there a way to tell user engagement? Other than where Wordpress is tracking views.

  2. Related to the above, but not entirely, is there a way to embed hype animations (that function with user interactivity) in say, a LinkedIn post, or Facebook or instagram and be able to track that too?

Any comments, suggestions welcome.


Thank you @Photics

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The typical way would be to add a Run JavaScript… handler to mouse actions and have that code execute what you need. If this is going to be used a lot, Export Scripts can allow you to define new actions that can call interaction counting code.

At one point you could make Facebook Pages that allowed embedding HTML, but I’m pretty sure they’ve put an end to that. Unless you’re talking about ads, the only way I think to currently embed Hype animations is through a video export, which means it cannot be interactive. But I do believe that Facebook has a bit of video watching/tracking tools. I’m not sure about LinkedIn, but I’d guess for user security/privacy reasons follows the same policy.

Thanks @Jonathan. I will investigate. The https://tumult.com/whisk/export-scripts/ link does not work.

Replace whisk with hype :grinning:


Hey, why not try Google Tag Manager? All you have to do is place one code link in your document, give your elements unique IDs and do all the tracking setup and social integration via Google Tag Manager.

I’ve done that recently and it uses a simple line of JavaScript to identify these elements on your page, listen to when the user is interaction, and fires off an event when the user engages.

Check out this YouTube Channel, this helped a lot to understand and set up custom tracking to report into Google Analytics. Hope this helps :wink:

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Sure, I just use the Google Tag Manager integration as it’s free and you can perform most of the tasks that Matomo claims to do. That table on Matomo site is a bit misleading though…

Hi @frankthedsignerand @Jonathan, I appreciate all your assistance and advice. I will look into these things. thanks.