Hype Adobe Muse uploading to FTP problem

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I have spent several hours trying to figure out what I am doing wrong by toggling between the various settings in both programs. Any help would be great!

So my problem happens once I place the .oam file which I exported from Hype. I am using Adobe Muse for this particular project. After placing the widget and then previewing it in Muse, it works perfectly and performs as designed. However, once I upload the site through FTP to my webhost the .oam file does not function. I only see the background of the project and nothing else within it appears.

This is the project in Adobe Muse

This is the project in Adobe Muse Preview

This is the project on the actual website after being uploaded.

I do not know what is happening and am reaching out to anyone who may be able to help me! Please let me know if there is anything else you need to know to help. Note: I have tested this on multiple browsers.

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Anyone have any ideas?


It could be many things – can you post a URL to your document?

The way I would diagnose this is by looking at the error console in the browser for the document. In Chrome, press ⌘ + option + i and look at the console to see if there are any missing files. You may see a few files which have not been uploaded to your server yet.


Also: Here is our guide to embedding OAM documents: Howto: Embedding an OAM widget within Adobe Muse

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Sorry for the late reply but thank you! It was as simple as making the widget title lowercase.