Hype 3 does not start (Antivirus warning)

I tried to open the program but I got a couple of messages telling me that the Hype 2 program can not be opened due to a problem.
Next, the antivirus blocked a threat.

I downloaded the installer again but another message tells me that it does not recognize the Hype.dmg

Please, I need an urgent solution because I have to deliver some work.

Thank you very much!

We have been in touch with two antivirus companies (Avast and AVG) which have incorrectly labeled Hype as a virus. Both have responded that they have updated their virus definitions but it may take a short while for everything to be updated across all their installs. For now, it is safe to disable your antivirus when launching Hype if it is blocking it from being loaded. If it says that something is quarantined, then you may need to reinstall Hype by redownloading from http://tumult.com/hype/download/.

The auto-updating system ‘Sparkle’ is being labeled as adware: MacOS:InstallCore-ER [Adw]

Update February 22, 2018 11:54 AM EST: Virus Total is marking Hype as safe across all virus definition engines:



Thank you very much!