Hype 3.5 Things get better and better!

(Nick ) #1

Love this release, and even with the Waypoints and the getter setter and the background CSS filters I have to admit I am still geeking out over the hand tool and dynamic zoom. :smile:

Love the Hype team and this program!
I am carving out some time to release some fun templates and tutorials in the coming weeks.
You guys never cease to amaze!!!


Thanks Nick! Great to hear that you’re enjoying this release. We’re glad we could get it in your hands before the holidays.

(Freelancer) #3

What @nick said! I’ve really enjoyed working with the Beta and all its cool features. As usual, the Beta experience with you guys was exceptional.

Grats to Team Tumult. Woot!

(jewilhel) #4

I Really love this release too! Thanks for an early Christmas gift! Have a happy holiday! :slight_smile: