HYPE 3.0 - Outlines, Outlines, Everywhere

Hello there Hype.
Can someone please explain the point of all these new dotted outlines in 3.0??
They are every where, and all they seem to do is CLUTTER my work space and cause extra work in screen management if I need to resize or update any groups.

Is there an advantage I am missing, what’s the point?

Do you mind sending a screenshot?

Screenshot attached.
It’s weird, because I can not grab the outlines or do anything with them.
Yet every time I resize any thing, this is similar to what I get across all scenes.

Only started happening when upgrade to 3.0

These “outlines” are related to your groups. You have 5 groups inside another group so when the focus is on the main group then you cannot single click the other groups. To access them double click. Or single click when inside the main group.

The dotted lines are to show you where the groupings are so that you don’t lose sight of them.

I guess there could be a request there to be able to hide them. I believe there has already been a request asking for the ability to scale the groups and elements inside them at the same time.


Yeah, perhaps we’re a little overzealous drawing the dots; we’re showing children as a light dotted line and if you go into a group the parent becomes a heavy dotted line. I’ve been talking this over and I am favoring the approach of showing all parents (right now we only show one) and then instead of drawing children use a mouse-over for what a click would select. I don’t think we’ll be able to tackle this for the next version but I’ve filed to improve.

Great replies.
Good to know it wasn’t something I was doing incorrectly.
Too many lines = too much distraction. I get caught up in what is which and it hampers (my) way of creation.

Nice to have a support ear :slight_smile:
Thank You.

** The more I work with these “boxes” and multiple groups on a page, the quicker it needs to be fixed. It is a royal pain in the ass. It completely screws up the page metrics as well, leaving it a 30 minute process to try and find equal alignment between groups on different timelines because you can’t tell which outline is which. A real nightmare.

Honestly I dont use groups very much, just have never been able to work with groups, maybe just me but I find it easier to not use them.

Just throwing my 2 cents here but it always bugged me that I couldn’t select objects inside of groups directly or if you double click it doesn’t make only that level clickable . Now it goes half way.

I’m thinking like illustrator or flash where when you double click a group it isolates it from everything and fades the rest out like your symbols. I find myself accidentally clicking on the wrong thing when working in groups in groups a lot and I end up most times jut tapping direction arrows to make things move because it’s easier.
It’s a small thing but isolating would be a fantastic addition to groups.

Great point Lucky… it takes me 6-8 clicks to open some of these groups and find the actual element needed.
However, I am finding the worst thing, is you can no longer lasso and select some groups… and the undo and redo does not function properly within some of these groups.

Having groups can make things easier, but I have wasted so much time with the above I am going through and removing all groups. I would prefer to have the clutter in the timeline window than this waste of time and frustration.

As DB points out, this is happening within nested groups.
I pulled the groups apart and the lasso feature works as expected.

Thanks for this feedback.

Here are some workarounds:

  • Select from the element list for direct access your your elements
  • Use symbols, which have better lasso behavior