Html5 versus Css3 huge difference

(kim) #1

after creating the same “mockup” in hypepro as i’d made in fireworks the difference improvement wise has put me off fireworks altogether.the two versions are as different as chalk and cheese! with hype it looks 100x more professional.ive spent 1000’s of hours with fireworks tweaking the design,when after only a few hours on hype i get perfection so quick!
obviously you can edit the radius of png’s after with CSS but I’m thinking is it really worth it?
there are some effects with fireworks i can’t achieve with hype but these are easy to export-pity it dose’nt go both ways.
now I’m looking at sketch 3 to replace fireworks/although i have pixelmator seems its not half the tool sketch is.any views or hints would be greatly appreciated good or bad