HTML Widget Code Snippet Integration on Export

Hi there,
i have integrated a small javascript based animation in a hype container. when exporting i get the index.html plus the iframe-htmlwidget.html containing the animation code. so far so good.
problem is when i want to use this as a Banner on Adwords Google does not allow to load external scripts (the iframe-htmlwidget.html). My Question - is there a possibility to integrate the content of iframe-htmlwidget.html within the index.html?

thx in advance,

Don’t know how much data is in your iFrame but there is always the srcdoc attribute for iframes. But apart of that I’d rather not use iframes and maybe you’ll run into problems in Q&A at Google AdWords/ DCS. But have a go at it.

You can’t have the iframe HTML be part of the file, but perhaps you don’t need to use an HTML Widget and instead can use a regular Rectangle Element and edit its Inner HTML, or include the javascript with your code in the head html?