Html vs wordpress?

Straight html or wordpress? What do you guys recommend? I hear that wordpress has a lot of overhead and can slow a site down. I am thinking of using straight Hype 3 and any additional functionality can be handled in a subdomain. What do you guys think?



What type of site are you trying to build? The answer is pretty dependent on your needs, as Wordpress is a full blown blogging engine-turn-CMS. It is kinda like asking if you should buy wood or a house; if you need shelter get the house, but wood has plenty of other uses that might be appropriate where a house would be overkill!

I am adopting a fewer page jumps and developing a single scrolling page. I think pretty much 90% of websites would fit into that category. At least that’s my opinion.

I don’t know much about html. One question I have is can you create the export as a folder option and stick it in the directory and have it work? For example: (root) ?

Does that constitute a page or am I up in the night?

Yes, just export it as “folder” (or the name you actually want) with the “Create enclosing folder” option checked. This will export a singular folder that can be uploaded to your web server and will be served with that path.

1 Like is the root domain where I dropped the file into the root along with the efs2.hyperesources. That I believe should create a page. It’s not working… I get the 404 error. Here’s a screenshot.

Just to consider: From a post in this forum I learned about using Hype animations placed as interaktive elements in HTML-wysiwyg-editors for building webpages.

One of these mentioned was the Sparkle App which I subsequently used in this project:

Sparkle is quite similar in use compared to other Mac programmes like Pages and Keynote and easy in creating very cool stuff very soon – build on your own imagination and layout ideas and not just picking pre build WP-themes to end up fighting with plugins and stylesheets to adjust the visual appearance. Thus you prevent the dull WP-theme terroir syndrome :wink:

The output can be either traditional multiple subpages er single page scroll designs with effects and appears both fast and consistent across platforms.

Also the placements of folders/subfolders is optional by own choice. Imported images are included in documents, optimized and processed just like in Hype.

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WorPress makes sense if you use a pagebuilder or Gutenberg. Also if you want to blog. In general you will need to keep it up to date as you want to avoid security risk. Otherwise just use something like Blocs Apps, Rapidweaver or Mobirise etc.

About your problem. Might be related to WordPress using a htaccess ruleset to redirect/map urls to php handlers.

Try putting it in the wo-content folder instead of the root or check the rules in your htaccess. You could also just use a free WordPress page builder like elementor and use the canvas template and the short code widget in combination with the Hype WordPress plugin.

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I agree with @MaxZieb that it is probably a configuration issue, either related to webhost+webserver settings that may specify this as a wordpress only installation or the specific .htaccess file in that directory that is set to return 404s for anything but certain files.