HTML File to Tumult

Hello all!

I’ve been working with tumult and exported an html file. A translator then made corrections in the html file. How can I now import that html file back into tumult hype so that I can continue working in tumult?

Please ask any clarifying questions if my process and question isn’t clear.

Thank you!

Just continue working on the same document and exporting it to a different location and then copy and replace the “nameofdocument_hype_generated_script.js file” to your resources folder where you have the “translated” html file.

You cannot import a html file back into Hype. Your outputted HTML file simply has a call to the “generated script”. You can put this code into any HTML file.

Hi DBear – I’m glad there is a solution to this! But, I am a total novice and didn’t follow along with what you wrote. How can I continue working in the same tumult doc if the html doc now is different? Can you explain in more detail/steps how I can work in tumult with an updated html or something – how to link them so that I am working with the updates made in the html?


The HTML files are exported from HYPE so you can export many HTML versions from one document. If you export to the same folder it will ask you to replace a previous export if one has already been made. You mentioned that you have put the HTML file through some form of “Translation” so I suggested exporting to a different folder to retain that “changed” HTML file. You cannot “link” them as the HTML file is an export from the Hype document. You change things in the HYPE document and then re-export. All work is done in the HYPE document.

The generated script contains all the changes that you’ve made in the HYPE document.

It’s this file that is called in the HTML file that gets exported.