.htaccess file - Does Hype create one? / Where to migrate?

I maintain a website totally created with Hype Pro (i.e. it does not sit inside or alongside any other code). I have just got a SSL Certificate for this site. I have been given advice from the Certificate issuer (who also happens to host the site) on amending the .htaccess file, or creating a fresh one if one does not exist, with code that will point any future site user to the https:// version of the website. So my question is in three parts……

Part 1 - Is there a .htaccess file created during the "File / Export as HTML5” process?. If so, where does it reside, so that I can add the relevant code/text?

If the answer to the above question is NO I presume I will have to create one and add it manually to the host server.

Part 2 - So if the answer above is NO, is the list below a suitable route to take to create and add the .htaccess file to the host server? Confirmation, or other wise please.

Manual creation and upload

  1. Once my site is complete in Hype Pro use option [File / Export as HTML5]
  2. Upload the created files to my host server using my FTP client (Cyberduck)
  3. Create a file called htaccess.txt (using my text editor) and add the relevant text to it (supplied from my Certificate issuer).
  4. Upload htaccess.txt to my host server using my FTP client (into the xxxxx.hyperesources folder)
  5. Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess

Part 3 - One last query - If the manual list above is the way to go I was unsure whether the .htaccess file should (finally) reside in the xxxxx.hyperesources folder or alongside the index.html file in htdocs folder?

Many thanks for your help and assistance.

Correct, Tumult Hype does not create a htaccess file for you.

Yup, you have the right idea. In your FTP program, you can usually create a new file, call it htaccess.txt, insert your text, save it, and then modify it to have the filename .htaccess – this is what I recommend since it tells you if your FTP program hides ‘hidden files’. If it does, you’ll need to dig into your settings and have it show hidden files if the file disappears after renaming it to have a dot at the front so you can edit it down the road.

It should be next to index.html. It applies to files at or under its path.

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Thank you very much Daniel for your very clear answers. I will get to work on it now.

Just an addition to what Daniel has said. Cyberduck has an option ( I think View>Show Hidden Files) so that you can see or edit those “hidden” files (ones with a dot at the beginning) that way no need to use .txt and make sure the file is plain text :wink:


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Thanks DBear. Useful advice.

I have a support call in with Cyberduck currently as I did some experimentation yesterday and went into Cyberduck Preferences and selected “Show Hidden Files” but for some reason it is not working and hidden files are still ‘hidden’. Anyway hopefully they will be back to me soon with a solution.

I use the “Terminal Method”


…and FileZilla for SFTP… https://filezilla-project.org

…and while you’re editing your .htaccess file, you might want to learn about security headers… https://securityheaders.com …if you’re not sure what to add, the Photics.com privacy policy could be a good example… https://photics.com/about/privacy-policy/ …I went a little overboard and listed my site’s security header settings there.

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Thank you Micheal. I will go and read your links. This info will be very useful to me if I have to move away from Cyberduck.

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