How to use Scrolling in the document


(Ritesh) #1


I am trying to scroll bunch of text upwards based on the scroll (mouse scroll wheel, two finger scroll, drag scroll bar on browser etc). I have tried “OnDrag” behavior and it is working but not for all scroll event (above mentioned), any insights on how to get this simple thing done!


(Ritesh) #2

22 views and no suggestion/tips on how to solve such a simple thing… @Danial could you please guide me on how to solve this issue!!


Can you try selecting the text box, and setting the ‘Content Overflow’ to ‘Auto Scrollbars’? This option is in the metrics inspector and allows you to make text scrollable. If that’s not what you meant, can you attach a document?

(Ritesh) #4

Please find attached:

“1” will be displayed on the screen, just drag that up, I want to able to do same thing using mouse scroll wheel or two finger scroll on mac etc… (9.2 KB)

(Greg) #5

This kind of works, but it requires jQuery + the MouseWheel plugin. I think it will cause a lot of confusion though. Especially with Apple’s natural scrolling directions. And it may not be usable on mobile devices (I have not tried)… (48.2 KB)

(Ritesh) #6

thanks Greg, will try and keep you posted!