How to make the content of a text area visible in many scenes?

I would like to create a text box for users to type in some text in the first scene of my Hype project and then I want this text box (with its contents) to be visible in the last scene of the project. I created a HTML widget and used the textarea element and then turned it into a persistent symbol but the contents of that text area disappear when I go to the last slide.

Is this even possible in a static Hype project which is not connected to any database etc?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.


You don’t need a Widget for this, just use a form text input box and a persistent symbol… (38.4 KB)

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That’s great, thanks Greg!

Just one more question. How do I adjust the size of the text box in terms of height? I want the box to be able to accept a text paragraph rather than a string of text. Thx!


Ok I cracked it. I used a text area with this code:

<textarea cols="60" rows="10" name="enter" class="enter" visible="" required="" placeholder="Write your answer here" maxlength="50" value="" id="name"></textarea>


Hi Greg

How about changing the size of the text that gets inserted into the persistent symbol? I managed to change the text of the text area with a CSS rule but the text that is in the persistent symbol’s inner html is much smaller. Is there a CSS rule I can create?

Thanks for your help!

You can set the font size of the Text Box (persistent symbol) in Hype’s Typography Inspector, you’ll also need to adjust the Line Height.

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