How to make the clock work properly?


I borrowed this clock document in my Hype project:

but it the MINUTES does not work, and you might like check it at

I checked every setting especially the element id, but I can not make it work properly, what did I missed please?

Here is my document

By the way, how to make it work too on mobile layout please?


you’ve changed an id from ‘zehntel’ to’zehnte’ … may be by accident …

to make it work on several layouts: make the symbol a persistant one …

Oh, God, what a stupid mistake:sweat_smile: thanks so much.

This way works, and I already updated it at

Unfortunately, I found the smallest hand of clock does not work on wordpress and you might like to check at the above URL, but it works well in preview on local Mac, what might be the reason please?

By the way, still I do not understand why the persistant one does not require different unique ID, would you like to let me know? thank again and have a nice day.
Most of the time the documentation is a good place to look up things :wink:

btw your provided link does not contain the clock at all.

be sure to implement as iFrame as there’s some required css within the head section.