How to hear audio in the timeline

Hello! I am about to make different text boxes for subtitles, which will sync with audio and video (rectangle elements, video id tag calling source file, javascript on scene load). How do I hear the audio while working in Hype, working in the timeline? I’ve tried adding audio as audio element and as video element with mp4 video file and I can’t hear the audio in the timeline to line up the subtitles in the timeline with what’s being said in the audio.

Thanks so much!

Hi Carey!

You have to drag the .mp4 video from the Resources panel (or where ever) into the “Animation” pane.

You can hide the visuals of the video by clicking the “eye” icon in the Timeline list layers.

Hi Jim, I dragged the .mp4 file from the resources panel into the timeline - is that what you mean by the animation pane? that didn’t work!

Yeah that’s what I did. I don’t hear any audio when I play the timeline though

Project Demo: (2.2 MB)

Make sure You hit the “Play” button - the audio will play in the Timeline. The video’s visuals have been turned off by clicking the “eye” icon.


thanks - the issue was with the file I was trying to drag in.