How to get Vivaldi as a preview browser

Hi there to all of you,
is there an "hidden" option to set other browsers than safari, chrome, firefox as preview browser?
I would like to use Vivaldi and/or Opera too to test my websites.
Right now i set Vivaldi as my default system browser but it doesn´t appear in hype.
Any ideas?
Thank´s in advance


and also check:

Show all browsers and not only Tumult approved ones

Hi Max,
no Vivaldi preview at all

You may need to restart Hype...

Also, make sure it is in your applications folder.

Hi Daniel,
i already did but no result.
There´s no Vivaldi shown in the preview option and it´s definitely in the app folder:-(((

If you're on Hype 4, the command is:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 showOnlyApprovedPreviewBrowsers -bool NO

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huhuuu, that works! I owe you a beer!!!

This can be set without a trip to the terminal, from Hype's General Preferences:

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:+1: :grinning: