How to export in order to post project on hype for feedback/help

I need some help on a project and so I need to post it in the forums, but I do not know what options to pick.

Zip up the Hype file itself. :slight_smile:



As @Rick4F says.

But also if the zipped project is above 3MB it will be rejected as too big.
So you can either trim assets out of a copy of the project or construct a small example project that illistrates what you want help with.

Note, even if the project is under 3MB, if it is very complex, you should try and only include just the relivent parts to your question or again create a simplier example.

Try and give as much info as possible. The issue, what you are doing and why, how to replicate user actions that give any results related to the question.... and so on.


Put it on Dropbox, then provide the Dropbox link? I've done that in the past to give video showing the problem as I encountered it. (Sometimes visuals are more helpful than descriptions.)