How To Distribute Persistent Symbol Across All Scenes?

I have a question that I hope is just an option being overlooked or is simply unfamiliar to me.

I have a persistant symbol and need to distribute to all scenes… I can not seem to find an option for this.

I try to cut and paste or even insert and I get an error that the symbol is already distributed… even though it is not there. (131.1 KB)

In your example it is there!

You have the persistent symbol “Window” which has the other elements inside it. On all of your scenes (except Scene 1 “Main”)

If you cannot see it , it is because you are already inside it. Look for this

You can see “Window” above with a pink bar. X will close it and return you to the Main Scene

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Fixed. Found that too. Pasted it within the Window Scene above the Grouped files. (137.2 KB)