🤔 How to create presentation which I can control?

I would like to know how to create presentation which I can control.
I mean something like have Apple on their website.

I found this article, but it’s not what I’m looking for.
I the article above there is advice how to control scenes with arrow keys.
But I want to know how to build presentation like have Apple.


Use persistent Symbols.

persistent Symbols.hype.zip (59.7 KB)

read about them in the document ions and there are plenty of examples on site for you to search for

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@MarkHunte Thank you.
And is here any option how to add to your Hype project also features from Apple website?

Can you be more specific ???

@MarkHunte Did you watched the video above?
I mean how to add automatic switching (when you’ll go to apple.com presentation on their homepage is switching automatically and you can also control it manually).
And I also want to add function last to first or first to last :slight_smile:


What have you tried so far.

@MarkHunte 1. I create timeline and set function to arrow “Go to time in timeline” - but it’s without animation.
2. I create timeline for each transition (first to second, second to first…) - but this method is bad for size of the website

Here is my project (there is nothing to see):
Presentation.hype.zip (658.0 KB)

Did you look at how I did that example ?

Yes, of course.
And is here any option how to control that presentation via timeline or javascript? (I’m sure it is, but I don’t know how to do it)

It is a little frustrating when someone just says they don’t know how to do it and do not show they are trying to learn.

I have made a working example using my first example. It was a simple update that anyone who has read how timelines work in Hype and how to add timeline actions should be able to figure out.

That is the first clue.

The next clue is to use a new timeline in the symbol so you only have to use 1 and not recreate it in each scene. Remember the timeline is on every scene so it’s actions will action on which ever scene it is on. Thats a big clue.

Next at the end of your actions add one that goes back to the beginning.

The last clue is on the arrow buttons also add a pause timeline.

Thanks @MarkHunte for your tips, I’ll try them.

I was looking for many tutorials on the internet but I wasn’t able to find a solution.
That’s the reason why I used this forum.
I also work in Hype couple of hours to find out solution.
Sad to hear that I don’t look trying to learn.

But again thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

I would suggest you read through the documentation if you have not already, this will give you ideas and ways of how to use hype.

You may consider buying A Book About Hype written by @Photics.

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