How to Control Symbols Elements with Javascript

I would like to control the innerHTML of a symbol element with unique id “d” contained in a Symbol named “ball_thrown_off_cliff”

Have tried.

hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById(‘ball_thrown_offf_cliff’).d.innerHTML = ‘TEST OF D’;

This does not work. Any suggestions appreciated.

Is it the extra “f”?

“off” instead of “offf”

No, that should not be an issue. From your comment it sounds like my syntax is correct.
All other suggestions welcome.
Thanks for your response.

Try directly refferencing it, without putting the symbol part
also try changing the name to something more detailed,

No that does not seem to work.

works for me (11.7 KB)

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It works for me as well. Thanks.

Just starting to work with symbols and wondering what the problem could be with the
"hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById(‘ball_thrown_off_cliff’)" part.

Anyway again thanks for the help.