How do you make a colored (yellow/white) flash followed by lettering?

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a colored (yellow/white) flash followed by lettering?
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PS. It should ultimately look like the “after effect” produced intro on “

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What do you have so far…

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I have so far the following project “Eicherscheid Kopie”. In this project, an image with a text “Geschichte” appears.
Before the appearance of the text, a Flash over the picture to scurry.
How can it make?
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This will be difficult in Hype to get an exact “smooth” effect like that of the site you gave.


Here is something that is similar. (2.4 MB)

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Thank you, DBear! I´ll try it.
How can I pop-up the text “Geschichte” ?


In the file I gave. It’s just an image so you can change the image to your own text or replace the image with a text element (but this is less smooth)


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Ja, that´s a good example, Thank you very much, DBear!
Ich werde es so machen :wink:
Vielen Dank!