How do I stop an animation / timeline from running on scene/page load?

Hello -

I’m a brand new user.

I have an animation set in a timeline.

This animation starts immediately when the scene is selected as soon as it loads.

I only want the animation to run when a particular button is pushed - not at the moment the page loads.

How can I make that happen?

Thanks so much!


First, you have to stop the scene from playing. That can be accomplished from the “Scene” Inspector. “On Scene Load” you can pause the main timeline.

Then, you can assign an action to a Hype button…

“On Mouse Click (Tap)” the Action could be either “Start Timeline” or “Continue Timeline”. It depends if you want your button to start from the beginning every time or continue playing from where it was stopped.

Even tough there is a solution, you could also not use or start from the main timeline which always starts immediately

perfect. thanks!

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