How do I export my animation to epub?

I’m trying to get around using iBooks Author to publish my book. Is there a way for Hype to export to epub?


Not to expert of how to export it properly, however do see under the file menu > Export to HTML5 > Dashboard/iBooks Author Widget I’m sure that’s what your looking for.

I have gone thru the steps to get this to an ePub format. Export it as a HTML>Widget as I described in the above, then go to iBooks Author and with in your new iBook Insert HTML WIDGIT. Point it to the widget you exported from the above and voila it’s in your ibook. Now save your iBook project then Export it as a epub. Hope that helps

In iBooks Author, select File > New, and scroll down to a Fixed Layout Epub template.

In Hype, select File > Export as HTML5 > Dashboard/iBooks Author Widget. Drag the resulting Widget into iBooks Author.

Here’s additional information on best practices for iBooks Author widgets.

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Thank you, but I don’t want to use iBooks Author to create an ePub. It has too many bugs in it using the HTML widget. Is there a way to just use Hype to do it?

The supported HTML / JS / CSS features you use in an Epub depend on the reader. Readium and iBooks have the best support, while the Kindle has very poor support for HTML.

This chapter provides info on how to format and setup your HTML files, and can be adapted to embed your Hype document exports:

(It is far more complex than the 2 step process from Hype > iBooks Author).