Hiding and Showing Text with Display or Opacity controls

After watching the video, I tried recording a segment. I had two text objects. One is visible. I move the timeline over to one second. I turn the other text vislble. I hit the play button and they both start out visible. It seems like such a simple concept and yet it’s not working.

You need a starting key frame . Which holds the elements starting properties and then another at the 1 second mark and so on…

You can also use the record button which if you only have the keyframe at the 1s mark and make a change, it will add the starting keyframe. But be aware that the recording may interpret any movement of up an down, left and right as motion. You can alway fix this to what you want after.

Well it looks like the visibility toggle is not one of the properties that can become part of a keyframe.
So I thought I might accomplish the same thing by using the opacity keyframe, but unfortunately I
can’t find any way to change opacity on text.

OK, I found the element section, so I’m good to go.
Thanks for your help.

You can either use the ‘display’ setting, or Opacity to create keyframes to hide elements – check out this quick recording:

Display is more of an ‘on/off’ toggle, while opacity is better for fading. Opacity can also be applied instantly to give the same effect.

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Good to know.