Hi, I am a Chinese user, I have a few tips on function

1、Add more API,I am a developer, I hope the hype can be programmed to make web pages more flexible,Hope that more open API interface, the programmable hype makes the page more flexible, I believe it is the future of the mainstream web development tools.
2、Open the page, hope to be able to customize the indicators to wait for the load.
3、I do not know whether the increase can be a ios system of the production of ground glass effect,Oh, I suddenly thought of a problem, hype in the Gaussian blur function, if I use this function, it seems to make the page becomes very smooth。

Do not mind, I use the Google translation to write, may be some inaccurate。:grinning:

Thanks for the requests!

Something may be lost in the translation, but note that Hype does have the notion of support Backdrop filters. If you create a Rectangle that has no background, then you can have a blur backdrop filter that will blur contents behind it, like on iOS: