Help required: Skillshare Class About Hype

Hey there,

as I’ve indicated before on this forum, I’m using Hype mainly as a tool to make online courses more interactive.

Over the past couple of months, I was evaluating and testing several online course platforms, and this month, I ran an experiment on skillshare. For that purpose, I needed a compact and simple project to create a course about. So I decided to make a (very simple) course about website creation with Hype.

I don’t think the course will be useful to most forum members, it’s really very basic. However, if you’d like to support me and my experiment and enroll in the course (Skillshare requires 25 students before a course becomes “trending”), that’d be great.
Here’s a free link, good for 20 subscribers. Thanks!

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Hi Gerfried, it’s a good idea, go on. The course is useful for many people!

Today Hype (v3) is no longer a program for geeks but for everyone; you can make nice things without javascript, maybe only a bit of CSS, avoiding boring code :slight_smile:


you have a lineup of topics?

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I’m also preparing a class on how to use Hype as an authoring tool (e.g. instead of using Articulate, Captivate, …) (and some non-hype related courses). Too many things at the same time make for slow progress :wink:

Still looking for help! :slight_smile: Enrolling in the course is completely free if you follow the link above. It only takes a minute. Don’t make me give up on my online teaching career (or worse, switch topics to something other than Hype :wink: