Help needed: Want to the user to input his name and then show that text in different colors in different positions on the scene


(Marc) #1

I am new to Tumult Hype. I don’t know much about programming and need your help and some clear instruction.
Would like to ask the user of the scene to input his name as a text and then position that text/name in different location on the screen and show it in different colors.
So I guess i need to have a kind of a form, were the user inputs the text and then have it in a variable field and then use that to show the inputed text in different positions in different colors.
How can i do that. Please help me to find a way to do this.
The more simple the better!
Thank you so much for your feedback or instruction.

(Greg) #2

Here’s a simple example… (16.1 KB)

(Marc) #3

Thank you so much Greg !!!