Has Group reveal changed?

I have various old files where I was able to group objects then reveal the object by pulling the group handle left and right but this no longer seems to work. the object inside starts moving! I updated my Hype app and tried it again and it worked but only once! Now it is back to not working again. Can someone tell me if there is a new way to do this? Here is a sample. The circle inside should remain static. I was able to find a prior thread on this but I wasn't sure that it pertained exactly to this situation. Appreciate in advance your advice. I also tried changing the coordinates of the circle but it seems to keep getting messed up.

circletest.hype.zip (11.0 KB)

I cannot reproduce, @tammydesign.

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What I do know that this sometimes happens and it is irritating. Is the file too large to start over?

I tried quitting the app and restarting and starting from scratch with a test circle on a blank pasteboard and it is still doing the same thing. I also updated the application. Does the circle move in the file I sent you? The x and y coordinates of that circle remain static so technically it should not move but it is changing for me. UPDATE: I just did a test top to bottom and it worked! So it just won't work right to left!

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Send the file to Hype via:

I have done this. Thank you!

that's a really old behavior ...

you've got to move the contents of a mask that works right to left or bottom to top in the opposite direction using the oppposite easing. may seem annoying, but coordinatspace upper left is standard ... and Hype does not do a dynamic calculation to make this kind of reveal possible for animations ...

you'll find plenty of examples in the forum

Thanks Hans. Will figure it out. I couldn't quite understand what they were saying but I think I may get it now. Best.

All elements are positioned from their top-left coordinate, relative to their containing group (or scene if there's no group).

When you resize the bottom-right of a group, the inner contents naturally would stay in the same place, because their coordinates are the same as the top-left coordinate of the group is the same, and therefore the top-left of a child is the same in its parent's coordinate space.

However, if you were to resize from the top-left of a group, the inner contents theoretically would change position along with that top left, as a (0,0) point in a group would stay the same, but the group's location changes. This typically isn't desired, so Hype will make an opposing change to the top-left of any children when you resize this way.

The issue you are hitting is that if you record/animate a resize from the top-left, Hype won't automatically make animations in the children that oppose the group's change to keep things positioned the same. There's a lot of reasons for this, though I admit it would be nice if they were created automatically in some basic cases.

So the solution is what @h_classen said -- you'll need to make your own animation of the children that are opposite of how the group's position moves as part of the resize. Therefore, if your group changes its top/height properties by -200px, you'll need an animation in the child element to move +200px at the same time to keep it visually in the same spot.

Thanks Jonathan. I've finally got it. Sorry for posting a duplicate issue. I just didn't understand the prior forums. I have fixed it now. It is a challenge as I have multiple reveal nodes so I have to keep repositioning the child element but yes this is the solution to the problem. All the best.

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