Has anyone added Highcharts library to a Hype doc?

I'm trying to add Highcharts to a Hype doc. I can do it just using a text editor but can't see to work out how to do it in Hype.

I've added the call to html . Put the Javascript in a library but I can't work the Hype equivalent of placing a

Take this example on (code pen):

Put the script tags into head
Put the html element into an innerHTML tag

Put the code into a Hype function and trigger it on scene load

Put that in a style tag in your head html

Doh! Thought I had it but it didn't play out the way I wanted.

I think my original chart has too many Frankenstein lines of code.


This is the chart sitting in a few HTML tags.

I'll have to go back the basic chart, and get that to work, then add the other features on top.

I think I followed the directions, but apparently not...


example-high-chart.hype.zip (39,6 KB)


thank you!

Not sure why I couldn't get it to work, I will look over the two and work it out.

Thanks, Doug