Hand tool for panning across work area

Is there a plan to create a hand tool for panning around the work area when you have zoomed in?
This would be handy (no pun intended).


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been seeing this request more lately:

YES PLEASE!! I would LOVE this - and please add the spacebar hotkey when it gets added…I have dislodged many an element using spacebar from habit in every other app.


This would be beyond useful! It obviously needs a shortcut key too. It’s very handy if you can get to the HAND tool by pressing a certain key. For an example in AfterEffects (my tool #1) I just press space and I can move around in timeline and in the composition. I bet it would be great that it would work in the same way in Tumult… So you could move around both in the workspace and in timeline with HAND - tool.

HAND tool with a keyboard shortcut. SWEET!

I just noticed that I can move around the Hype workspace with my MacBook’s touchpad. Maybe everyone knew, but I didnt.

Hello Daniel
i would rather move around with spacebar pressed down, since I’m a wacom user. it is hard to use two fingers on the trackpad when things get complicated and i only get frustrated.

my wish for a change is:
1: use spacebar to move (this is common in all other creative interfaces)
2: zoom tool- zoom in by clicking and zoom out by holding (alt)

That would really fix my workflow a lot!

By the way, thanks for a great software.U are awesome!
Best regards Sivert.