Groups animate vertically 100% height


I’m trying to animate two groups vertically over the whole page and it must be responsive. 100% height.
I used all the flexible layout options but it doesn’t work.

I have two groups. The first group is on the page, the second group is above the first group and it is outside the scene. When I hit the next button, the two groups will animate vertically. The first group goes down and goes out of the scene. The second group also goes down and comes in the scene.

Example: (139.7 KB)

I can’t use % in the placement ‘top’. If I can set 100% instead of the max px height of the scene it will work. But can’t be done unfortunately.

Does anyone have the right solution. I’ve tried a lot of different options but nothing works.


Turning off the Top and bottom pinning for both groups seems to work

Thanks that’s it. I’ve played with every possible flexible layout setting. But I didn’t played with the pinning. You saved me a lot of time.

Thanks again

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