Graphics not loading properly

When I preview my site, everything looks fine. But once the code is uploaded, some of my graphics fail to fully download. Images that show up fine in preview end up not loading, or half loading and degenerating into pixelated clouds. Happens in both safari and chrome on iPad and iPhone. Desktop version loads fine in safari and chrome. Tumult was unable to help stating that they’d “never seen this before” and referred me to these forums. Can anyone shed any light? My site is Thanks!

The problem looks like the 2x images, when I change them to the standard image they look fine. I did this on an iPhone

Shown here, in the Royal Homes image.

x2 png:

Standard png

using RoyalHomesLogoBW.png

What’s odd is that when you load the image directly (from a computer) it looks correct:

Thanks gents. How do I change the image to the regular .png to mirror what Mark did?

I guess the simplest thing would be to delete the x2 versions from the project.

I tried that to no avail. I’m getting images showing up where they shouldn’t too. It’s so bizarre.

And the desktop is now not picking up the standard version.?

Did you place the x2 images rather than the standard, My understanding is you place the standard x1 images and let the hype js determine when it needs the x2.

Again I have not really used them so this is an assumption.

Can you post the project ?

Correct. When I delete the x2, then nothing shows up. As far as I know, I placed the 1x and then the software determines the 2x. How do I upload the project? It won’t let me upload the .hype file. Do you want the index and hyperesources folders that hype spits out?

You zip it. then just drag the zip into a post.

Need to no bigger than 3mb, if so try a dropbox link.

Another thing you can try is selecting an image in the resources folder, and deselecting “automatically optimize when exporting”. That will make it so that a 2X image is not generated. This might slow down the initial load if some of your images are larger than the size you have them in your scene.

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Here’s a link to the zipped project. Thanks!

I put two version on my site. One with the optimise on and one with out

Both work ok from there…

So the problem may be with your site but the Non one does use the standard pngs.

( I will take down the links soon)

Put up the site after turning off the optimisation of the images. It looks like this now. wtf.

This might be an issue with image caching on your server or an issue with your browser’s cache.

If you can PM me your FTP info I’ll take a look. (Click ‘private message’ here).

What do the links I did look like to you?

They look fine. Ftp info is on the way Daniel.

There’s nothing on that page that says private message. I’ll email you I guess.

Any further thoughts. Still having the same issues. Other clients are reporting the issue on their ios devices.

Did you find anything when you rooted around my ftp?

Unfortunately the issue is beyond my expertise. The exported document uploaded to 3 different servers worked as expected, but when loaded from your server some images had odd artifacts. Wish I knew what was different about your setup!